ADHD or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental illness that is diagnosed in childhood, but in some cases, in adulthood as well. It’s an impulsive and chronic disorder characterized by inattention and hyperactivity. It’s considered a mental illness for two reasons: it’s classified in the DSM-V and the nature of its behavior revolves around mental symptoms. [. . .]

via Is ADHD Considered A Mental Illness? — DSM (Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


2 thoughts on “Is ADHD Considered A Mental Illness? — DSM (Defeating Stigma Mindfully)

  1. What if the body actually over power’s the brain, how on earth are kids supposed too cope..

    Adhd sufferers are forced too cope with an illness, in which i believe is simply man-made but is so misunderstood, that it can easily brushed under the carpet..

    Certain individual’s may simply be more intolerant and much more sensitive, which could directly make certain individual’s vulnerable, these individual’s have little too no choice..

    Other than too contain mental health issues.. it’s totally wrong, these individual’s are kinda suffering, from there brain being over loaded by there gut..

    It’s total madness, that young vulnerable individual’s today, who struggle, have no answer too why the struggle and the best available option, which we can offer these individual’s are drugs..

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